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by Authentic Labs

The retail landscape has changed.
It’s about time your communications strategy does too.

The Real® App
A new channel for transparent, values-based brand connection with consumers.


Especially in a mid-pandemic world, establishing trust has never been more important for brands. It’s no longer enough for brands to deliver a quality product, consumers are demanding accountability from businesses to solve key societal issues like; environmental conservation, ethical labor and sourcing, diversity and equity.

While many businesses are stepping up to do their part, there is a clear gap in transparency and communications with consumers about these efforts. It's not enough for brands to pledge authenticity and responsible business practices, consumers want proof.


The answer is Real. Inspired by the increasing demand for transparency from consumers, Real Technology was developed to allow brands to deliver on promises beyond products alone.

  • The Real App hosts a utilitarian environment for consumers to discover, learn about and support brands based on commitments and progress in key corporate social responsibility impact areas
  • Real Product Labeling allows brands to go deeper and provide consumers with product-level insights into the supply chain, product authentication and deliver companion resource content that enhances product ownership

Why You Should Get Real

Brand Benefits

A new communications channel to deliver on the increased demand from consumer for brand transparency and accountability

  • Brand-owned content organized delivered in a consumer-centric environment
  • A dedicated platform for corporate social responsibility content that often gets lost in consumer-facing messaging
  • More authentic and transparent connections with consumers through increased visibility into product information and company practices
  • Preserve brand trust through genuine product experiences that ultimately reduce brand protection costs
  • Valuable, uncorrelated consumer data and added visibility into the supply chain regardless of current sophistication

Customer Benefits

A trustworthy source for responsibility-related brand and product information that empowers more intentional purchase decisions

  • A dedicated resource to deliver on the increased demand for more accountability and transparency from brands
  • A cross-brand, cross-industry experience provides a single source of reference for transparent, values-based product and brand information
  • Trusted information and education source to make more informed, conscious decisions inside and outside of the purchase journey
  • Assurance in genuine brand product experience and supporting content to enhance overall product ownership
  • Data privacy. Real does not collect personally identifiable information or require a login

Consumers Want Real

Values-based consumers use their wallets to advocate for a more sustainable and ethical world

Responsible, transparent brands reap both revenue and loyalty


Say brands should make it easier to see its values and its position on important issues at the point of sale (Source: Edelman Earned Brand Report, 2018)


Want to buy from a company closely associated with social, environmental and political issues (Source: US online consumer survey, Forrester, 2019)


would pay more for sustainable and eco-friendly products (Source: Global Web Index, 2020)


would pay more to ensure product authenticity where sustainability attributes are important (Source: IBM Institute for Business Value, 2020)

Download Real®
by Authentic Labs

The Real app is a do-gooder’s guide to discover, learn about and support responsible brands that are committed to making an impact solving key societal problems in today’s world. Combined with our product labeling technology, Real provides assurance to consumers about the product in their hands — from its origin to their homes.

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