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Let’s keep business personal.

Authentic Labs helps brands deliver a more holistic customer experience by taking a human-first approach and connecting the dots for the consumers of today.

Your product’s packaging is the most valuable communications channel your brand has.

Make it count with Real®

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The Real® Platform

One click unlocks a new product experience

Create a portal with your packaging that amplifies your entire digital presence

Packaging lives at the intersection of purchase decision and product ownership. There is no other channel that can guarantee the reach of every single customer. And yet, too many brands miss the opportunity to connect with customers via their packaging. 

It is time to remove the burden of consumers needing to reach for complementary digital content and hand-deliver it instead. With QR codes, brands have the opportunity to use this important point-of-purchase moment to connect the most qualified prospects to digital brand value.

In a world where people are always living in both physical and digital realities, shouldn’t your brand create product experiences that do the same?

Give your customers a better product experience.

Real® Product Codes

Is your brand using QR codes to their maximum potential?

Think outside the box and create a better brand experience.

The implications of COVID-19 changed the game for QR codes, making them a commodity near every consumer can act on. With these changed times comes opportunities far greater than the old-school applications of QR codes that drive to a single webpage.

Real Codes give consumers a richer product experience by providing information and context that has the power to not influence the purchase decision, but also support and serve your customer throughout product ownership.

Real® Brand Dashboard

A better B2B customer experience, too

We combine our easy-to-use technology with, you guessed it, Real human support

The Real Brand Dashboard is a cloud-based content management solution that enables brands to create, manage and measure both QR codes and the corresponding content. Create, edit and publish content for both product code experiences and your company profile in real time. Access valuable last-mile customer engagement metrics. All from a single, made-for-marketers interface.

We like to keep our business personal, too. Which is why we provide initial and ongoing strategy and tech support with real humans. Your success is our success.

Real® Mobile App

A Consumer-Centered Solution

Available for Android and iOS, The Real App lets consumers make more informed, ​valued-based ​purchase decisions while allowing brands to deliver on the increased demand for radical transparency ​about their business practices​.

Are you ready to practice Radical Transparency?

Radical Transparency is a call to arms for brands that are ready to deliver on the consumer expectations of today. We wrote a whitepaper to teach you how.

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The Real App

A channel for brands committed to making the world a better place

Discover Our Impact Areas:

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Highlights business practices that positively impact or conserve our resources. This section can include sustainable business practices and products to responsible packaging and recycling programs and more.

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Showcases ethical treatment of people and animals throughout the product life cycle. This section highlights fair trade and labor practices, animal welfare practices, factory worker empowerment, supply chain standards, and more.

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A closer look at how companies contribute to the wider community. This area highlights the ways companies give back and support causes and communities through philanthropic efforts, community engagement programs, and employee volunteerism.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Companies are inherently groups of individuals. This section explores the diversity, equity and inclusion within a company’s workforce. This section can include mentions of diverse leadership positions to wage equality to education and inclusivity training and programming.

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Features overarching health and safety information about a brand’s product portfolio. This section details what ingredients and materials are used and are not used in products. Safety standards and testing processes can also be included.

Download The Real App

Control your brand’s content and impact narrative within a consumer-centric environment.

We believe in educating people and supporting brands that are working hard to create a more ethical and sustainable economy. We created The Real App to empower brands like yours to share the efforts that are being made with consumers in a transparent and flexible way.

Our hope is that Real becomes the bridge between your brand and consumers in the name of true responsibility and accountability.

I’ve never rated an app immediately after downloading it, however, the idea of supporting through using and shopping with ethically based companies is five stars!”


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