Real by Authentic Labs

One Platform. Unlimited Insights and Possibilities.

Real turns your products into a tailored communications platform to build trust, gain insights and drive more sales

Real® makes your product packaging smart and connected.

QR codes to deliver product information

Real® Content Management

Help your consumers find what they need, when they need it.

Customers keep the information — even after the product packaging or inserts are recycled.

One scan of a Real Code and your consumers can have permanent access to how-to videos, manuals, safety, support, sustainability, ethics, corporate giving, recycling and everything else you need to communicate.

QR codes to enhance product packaging

Real® Product Codes

Print less, save cost, and deliver more.

Deep-linking codes and cloud hosting mean your content is always available.

Real Codes give consumers a richer product experience by providing information and context that has the power to support and serve your customer throughout product ownership. The Real App keeps track of scanned items for future reference — giving you the means to update content throughout the life of the product.

Analytics while protecting customer PII

Real® Brand Dashboard

Real analytics show how your information is being used.

Understand what product information is being accessed and what your customers really care about.

The Real Brand Dashboard is a cloud-based content management solution that enables brands to create, manage and measure both code scans and the corresponding content. We provide initial and ongoing strategy and tech support with real humans.

QR codes to deliver active content and CTAs

Real® Mobile App

Reward customers with a meaningful call-to-action.

Take advantage of the moment a customer has your product in hand.

Go beyond usual links to sales site information with engagements that benefit customers like discounts on future purchases, exclusive content for owners, access to loyalty programs, etc. We provide initial and ongoing strategy and tech support with real humans to help you develop trust and repeat purchases.

You’re in Good Company

  • Baby
  • Beauty
  • Food & Beverage
  • Personal Care
  • Sports & Outdoor


All the tools you need to get started in minutes.

You have the information. You have the assets. You know your why. Now deliver into the hands of your customers — in the moment!

Company Listing

  • Highlight your sustainability, charity, environmental and diveristy and inclusion efforts.
  • You’re in total control of your messaging — we do not score companies.
  • Learn what your customers value most with analytics.
CTAs, video, instructions, care and support


  • Deliver rich media at the POS or during ownership without forcing customers to Google and get lost.
  • Save cost on printing materials an deliver them digitally — where they are updatable.
  • Create and test CTAs for customers with your product in their hands.