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GS1 Digital Link

Create a GS1 Digital Link with Real® and connect directly with your customers.

  1. Influence purchase decision
  2. Enhance ownership
  3. Control messaging
  4. Gather feedback
  5. Leverage insights
  6. Industry compliant

Real is GS1 Digital Link Ready!

Start using GS1 Digital Links now, so your team is ready for the 2027 transition

The fundamental aim of GS1 Digital Link is to enable anyone to find answers to their questions about the thing in front of them. Real allows brands to deliver on this promise. Real provides brands and retailers the ability to:</>

  • Create and manage codes
  • Align codes with the content that matters
  • Add calls-to-action including surveys and polls
  • Gather actionable insights
  • Generate codes as needed
  • Add serialization
  • Filter and download analytics
  • Control the message

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GS1 Digital Link FAQs

What is a GS1 GTIN?

A GS1 Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) is the unique barcode on all retail products, enabling checkout systems to recognise and process items quickly. Essential for selling both nationally and internationally, the GTIN is a global standard for identifying retail products everywhere.

GTIN Code Example


What is a GS1 Digital Link QR code?

GS1 Digital Link is the latest barcode standard from GS1 that connects products to the internet by giving each product its own unique web address and home page that can be modified long after the product has left the manufacturing process.

GS1 Digital Link URL Example

Can I remove the old retail barcode from my packaging?

Not yet. Brands must keep the traditional 1D barcode used on retail product until 2027, at which points global computer systems and checkouts should have been updated to support the new GS1 QR code.

How are Brands using the new GS1 Digital Link?

The GS1 Digital Link standard extends the functionality of GS1 identifiers (UPC and other codes) beyond their conventional use in supply chains. The new codes convert these identifiers into gateways for enriched consumer interactions and improved traceability. Here are a few ways in which brands are leveraging the new standard:

  • Influencing the Point of Sale
  • Enhancing Ownership
  • Improving Traceability and Transparency
  • Streamlining Data Management
  • Gathering Consumer Insight and Feedback
  • Future-Proofing
Minimalistic products on store shelves

Your product’s packaging is the most valuable communication channel your brand has

Packaging lives at the intersection of purchase decision. No other medium is guaranteed to reach every single customer. Real connects your customers to your fresh, context specific product information whenever they need it with one simple scan.

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