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Our unique plans are based on the breadth of content you want to deliver and depth of insights you want to receive.

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$19/ Month

For brands looking to make an impact

  • Basic Company Categories*
  • 1 Product Experience
  • Product Real Code
  • 3 Sections per Product
  • CTA Links
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Full Real App Integration & Updates
  • Basic Analytics

$49/ Month

For brands needing more product-specific experiences and improved analytics

  • Everything included in Basic Plus…
  • 3 Product Experiences and Codes
  • Unlimited Polls and Surveys
  • Up to 5 Sections per Product
  • Membership & Association Badges
  • Annual Report Linking
  • Premium Analytics
  • Concierge Onboarding
  • Priority Email Support

$99/ Month

For organizations that require more dedicated product experiences and support

  • Everything included in Pro Plus…
  • Premium Company Categories**
  • 7 Product Experiences and Codes
  • Unlimited Product Sections
  • Product Authentication***
  • Detailed Product Analysis
  • 30-Minute Strategy Kick-off Call
  • Dedicated Success Manager
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Additional product experiences (with codes) billed at $20 / month.

* Basic company categories: Environment, Manufacturing, Community, Diversity & Equity, Ingredients, Data Privacy and Accessibility.

** Premium categories: Social Media Connect, Authorized Retailers, Promo Codes & Discounts, Careers & Recruitment, Product Registration, Topical, Leadership, News, and more.

*** Serialized codes for product authentication available on the Pro and Business plans at an additional, but extremely reasonable, cost per product.

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Cloud hosting

Full app integration and updates

?The Real App gives customers access to product information without having to re-scan codes.

Basic company categories

Memberships & association badges

Premium company content sections

Products included

?Additional product experiences (with codes) billed at $20 / month.
Add’l $20 mo.

Sections per product


External links / CTAs

Product Authentication**

Basic analytics

Premium analytics

Authentication Analytics

Email support

Priority support

Concierge onboarding

Strategy consultation

Dedicated success manager

Company listing expiration

?Free company listing expires in one year if not updated.
12 mo.

Product content expiration

?Free product experience expires in 6-months if not updated.
6 mo.

Free product scans per month

?Per product experience.
$10 per 100 scans thereafter

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are companies selected to be featured in the app?

At Authentic Labs we believe in progress over perfection. We first select brands based on popularity and relevance, but evaluate them against our core impact areas: Environment, Ethical Supply Chain, Community, Diversity, and Product Safety. Companies must have commitments to and/or efforts within at least one of these areas to be featured.

Where do you source the information for each company listing?

All of the app’s content is sourced directly from brand-owned websites and reporting. In each section there is a hyperlink to the source where you can learn more. We do not use any third-party data, news, or opinions in company listings. If your company is interested in expanding its listing, please fill out the form on our Contact page.

What is the rationale behind the categories listed for each brand?

Ultimately, we believe in holistic sustainability and ethical behavior and so our impact categories – Environment, Ethical Supply Chain, Community, Diversity, and Product Safety – reflect all elements of sustainability including people, planet and process.

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