Minimalistic products on store shelves

One Platform. Unlimited Insights and Possibilities.

Real turns your products into a custom communications platform to build trust, gain insights and drive sales

Real helps outdoor brands to: 

  • Grow social audiences
  • Increase engagement
  • Focus the experience
  • Gain customer insight
  • Convey impact
  • Customize CTAs

Packaging is the most valuable communication channel your brand has. Make it count with Real!

What you get with a Basic account:

  • A product code to create an experience to for an individual product, line, or across your whole brand
  • Unlimited updates
  • Unlimited scans
  • Unlimited polls, surveys and other CTAs – Only for OIA members!
  • Customer insight reports and downloads
  • Company impact profile
  • Full autonomy to update content and CTAs at anytime based on your product + company goals

Real Success Coach available with Pro and Business Plans.

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Real® delivers your message across every channel

Real makes it easy to craft and deliver a digital experience to support the purchase decision or to enhance product ownership.

Further, you can change the experience, or the call-to-action within it, over time — all without changing the QR code on products or packaging.


The Real® App receives 5-star reviews

Real allows brands to move faster by putting everything under one roof

Real codes are inextricably tied to your content and always accessible. Real tells you what content matters most and gives you the means to craft meaningful CTAs to increase sales, built trust, and gain valuable consumer insights.

The benefits are Real:

  • Real consumer insights for future marketing and development
  • Infinite content updates
  • Flexible CTAs that can change with your business priorities
  • User access management
  • Scalable Cloud Hosting
  • Full Real App Integration & Updates
Real Survey Reports


Need more convincing?

91% of customers say values matter and 67% are researching products while shopping at retail.

You have the information. You have the assets. You know your why. Now deliver your message into the hands of your customers and grow your brand — in the moment!

Company Listing

  • Highlight your sustainability, charity, environmental and diveristy and inclusion efforts.
  • You’re in total control of your messaging — we do not score companies.
  • Learn what your customers value most with analytics.
CTAs, video, instructions, care and support


  • Deliver rich media at the POS or during ownership without forcing customers to Google and get lost.
  • Save cost on printing materials an deliver them digitally — where they are updatable.
  • Create and test CTAs for customers with your product in their hands.