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Real is a mobile retail solution that ensures your customers get real brand products, real brand visibility, and real brand value.

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The Real® App

The Real App puts consumer experience and privacy first. Our app is how we connect your brand to the conscious consumers seeking information about company values and practices before making purchase decisions.

The Real App gives consumers access to brand-level information based on values and corporate social responsibility and see product-level insights using the scan feature.

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The Real App just got a whole new look and a lot more filters to help customers discover and shop brands that share their values. We’ve expanded our core impact area filters to include 18 more specific values aligned with research on what information consumers want.

Directory filters include: Sustainable Materials, Recycling Efforts, Eco Operations, Made in the USA, Handmade, Fair Trade, Factory Audits, Cruelty-free, Gives Back, Empowerment Efforts, Social Justice, Woman-owned, BIPOC-owned, Diversity Reporting, Non-GMO, Non-Toxic, USDA Organic and Vegan

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The Real App was made to deliver the brand impact information consumers want in an environment that allows brands to maintain control of the content and narrative. Your brand. Your message.

We created The Real App and platform to empower brands like yours to share the efforts that are being made with consumers in a transparent and flexible way.

Let Real be the bridge between your brand and your constomers in the name of true responsibility and accountability.

45% of customers want to scan QR codes at retail

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Manage your listing and showcase the progress your company is making to create a more sustainable economy – in real time.

Start with a free listing to communicate across key, consumer-driven impact areas, or upgrade to a Pro listing that allows for more opportunities to connect with your consumers.

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Real Impact Categories

Research-based and organized for brands looking to promote their Purpose.

Winding trail through green forest


Highlights business practices that positively impact or conserve our resources. This section can include sustainable business practices and products to responsible packaging and recycling programs and more.

Large rolls of white textile fabric for manufacturing


Showcases ethical treatment of people and animals throughout the product life cycle. This section highlights fair trade and labor practices, animal welfare practices, factory worker empowerment, supply chain standards, and more.

Woman harvesting her garden outdoors


A closer look at how companies contribute to the wider community. This area highlights the ways companies give back and support causes and communities through philanthropic efforts, community engagement programs, and employee volunteerism.

Two women standing side by side

Diversity & Equity

Companies are inherently groups of individuals. This section explores the diversity, equity and inclusion within a company’s workforce. This section can include mentions of diverse leadership positions to wage equality to education and inclusivity training and programming.

Infant sitting on a blanked playing with toys

Product Safety

Features overarching health and safety information about a brand’s product portfolio. This section details what ingredients and materials are used and are not used in products. Safety standards and testing processes can also be included.

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